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July 16, 2011
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School was never really something Karkat had ever gotten used to. Even now, in college, he was struggling to make friends and just generally fit in. He had moved dorms countless time, until the student services just refused to put up with him and told him to suck it and deal. Stupid idiots. They had no idea what it was like to be put up with a moronic douchenozzle for a roommate.

It was about 6am and Karkat was walking around campus, currently assessing the crackles and crunches that the frozen grass made beneath his old, tired shoes. His hands were warmly tucked in his jacket pockets and his usually raging temper had been cooled by the night air. I love winter…
The sun was shrouded by frosty looking clouds casting a dull sheen upon the school. Nobody was ever out in the cold weather, making it a calming experience in all the mess that college brought with it. Everyone would be inside, warm and with their roommate, probably gossiping volcanoes of speech to their equally gassy friends. Or sleeping like any other normal kid. Again; Stupid idiots.

"Kaaarrkkaaattt!!" A creepy, quiet-ish call caught him sharply by surprise. The weather was so crisp outside that a pin could be heard dropping on the dead, grey pavements on the other side of the campus.

The blind girl who owned the voice skipped towards him clad in a thick, bright red scarf and long, dark cyan coat. Her cane extended in front of her like a polearm, not really assisting her in any way but to possibly impale him. Her other arm was waving ecstatically at him while her face showed her scarily sharp teeth glistening in a wide grin. Her red glasses covered her blank eyes, but it was all too easy to tell what kind of expression they held.

"Terezi… How the fuck do you always know where I am?" He surveyed her grumpily, not really wanting to hold a conversation.

"I can smell you, Karkat!" She winked behind the shades, then added a swift, "Just kidding~!" She smiled softly now, sensing his discomfort.

Sighing into the cold air, Karkat gave her a condescending look. Not because he was better than her, quite the contrary, it was just to make him feel better.

Sensing this, Terezi smiled a little softer at him and patted him on the head, giving his hair a ruffle, "Brighten up, Karkles, morning's coming~!" She giggle, or cackled, and looked up to where the sun was, coming over the hill tops, lighting up the dull scenery as soon as she said it.

"Shut up, Terezi. Just shut up." Karkat smiled a little. Terezi never failed to make him smile.


Being up early every morning would make you think that you'd be first to lessons. Wrong. Well, not in Karkat's case.

The door to the computer room exploded open, with an equally high-strung looking Karkat. He looked as if he was going to explode himself into a billion little swear words. Thankfully, he just opened his mouth, gaped like a fish, then went to his designated seat inbetween Sollux and Eriden.

"Late again, Karkat. And I find it impossible to underthtand how." Sollux whispered across to him, staring at his own computer screen and typing incredibly fast.

"Yeah so… And how d'you figure?" Karkat mumbled back, wiping his eyes tiredly.

"You're up tho early every morning, you fuckath, that'th why."

Karkat opened his mouth to ask exactly how Sollux knew this but was interrupted by Eriden butting into the quiet conversation.

"Sol, who cares, just give the guy a break." Eriden pouted angrily at the other guy who was now glaring daggers right back at him.

Yet again, Karkat was stuck in the middle of the two idiots giving off the 'turf war' vibe. It always really annoyed him because he didn't know why. And because he got seriously paranoid with the two staring right through him at one another.

"Guys, guys, shut the fuck up!" Karkat growled, pushing his arms out, knocking Eriden and Sollux, "You're like a fucking married couple of pricks! Grow a pair will you?!"

"Karkat Vantas. Could you come here please." That wasn't a fucking question, Mr. Vantas. Karkat predicted the woman's next sentence.

"How 'bout no."

"That wasn't a question, Mr.Vantas," Mrs. Snowman spoke evenly. Damn that woman hates me.

Standing up suddenly, knocking his chair over behind him, Karkat stalked over to the teacher's desk, glaring at her the whole time, "What is it. What d'you want."

The (evil) woman watched him carefully for a moment before opening her mouth, "Why are you late, Vantas? You are always late, and I am worried about you."

Bullshit. She didn't give flying fuck.

"I just am, ok?!" Karkat growled, looking away, "None of your business, anyway."

Mrs. Snowman smiled sadly, "Is it your new roommate? Do you want a transfer again?"

Bingo. She'd hit the jackpot.

"N-no." The truth was, Karkat's new roommate was… A little strange. He didn't hate him, just felt weird around him. They got on fine, but hardly spoke. The guy was a ghost, he was never around and when he was, he was always hiding something.

The teacher smiled, "Karkat, no matter how much you hate your roommates, isn't there anyone you get along with? I mean, you need to be able to sleep in your own dorm, and you know full well that sleeping outside is against the rules."

Karkat flinched. So she knew what was going on already.

"I have arranged for you to speak privately with your current roommate to sort something out. This is getting almost ridiculous." She sighed, "You are excused from class. Your roommate is waiting for you in the music room." And with that, she went back to helping everyone in the class with their work.

Feeling kind of confused, Karkat walked back to his computer and packed up his things, shoveling them back into his bag.

Sollux and Eriden watched him warily, giving him a questioning look. Karkat just shrugged at them and slung the bag over his shoulder.

"Seeya, Kar." Eriden waved.

"Catch you later." Sollux saluted half-heartedly as Karkat slipped out the door.

Making his way across the school to the secluded music block, Karkat thought on what Mrs. Snowman was saying. Why the hell was he going to talk with his roommate? Why was it so important that he'd miss his lesson over it? Whatever. Thinking about it wasn't going to help.

He pushed open the door to the music room to see his roommate sitting there, looking at his nails and playing with the strings to his hoodie was that now shadowing his face.

Upon entering, the other guys head snapped up to meet Karkat's eye. Straightening up, he gave a low cough, "S-sup."

Karkat just pulled a face as if to say, yeah sure whatever, then pulled out a chair to sit parallel to his roomy. He never really asked his name.

"So what in the hell is this about then." Karkat groaned, rubbing a shoulder boredly.

"I need to tell you something…" A slightly feminine voice drifted from under the hood the guy was wearing.

Karkat shifted in his seat, giving the other his full attention, "Tell me something? Well, I'm all fucking ears, Mysterion. I would love to hear all about why you're so fucking weird and shit so lay it on m-"

"-I'm a girl."

Karkat stopped, "...What."

"I… I'm a girl…" The figure of the 'girl' slouched over, curling in on herself in a depressing manor.

Standing up, Karkat stepped over to her slowly and pulled down the hood to reveal a short haired girl with bright, sad, jade green eyes. Her hair was styled somewhat into a short, wild way.

Unable to speak, Karkat just stared, then sat back down in his seat, his eyes still on her, "You're… A girl."

She nodded slowly, as if to allow time for him to get in his head.

"Why… Why are hiding that..?" Karkat was unable to understand why she would go to such lengths to stay hidden. Or stay in the boys dorm for that matter.

He frowned slightly, "Why are you in the guys dorm? Are you a pervert or something?! What are you-"

"No, no! You got it all wrong!!" She stood suddenly, holding her hands up defensively, desperately, "Please! Them me explain!"

"Well get fucking explaining then!" Karkat crossed his arms and sat back, giving her a steady glare of misunderstanding.

"Th-the other girls! They wouldn't understand!" She pleaded, "They would bully me if they found out… I… I wouldn't have any friends who would understand! I can't stay with them…" She ended whimpering softly.

"Understand what?" Karkat had toned down a bit. The girl was slightly distressing to watch.

"That I'm… I'm…" She looked at him, unable to form the words, "That I… Like… Girls.."

Karkat's eyes widened.

That… That actually explained the whole situation quite well.

Shit, he'd acted like a total douche.

"What's your name?" He looked at her.

She gazed at him, shocked, and confused at the question.

"Well, if you're going to be my roommate then I kinda got to know you damn fucking name!" He sighed and looked away, irritated somewhat by the way he was acting.

The girl smiled softly, "It's Kanaya…"
Beat the others. As in, beat the other schools!!! XD

This is a Homestuck fic in which I plan to finish.

If anyone wants any pairings in here (ANY) then I will put them in! XD

Even KanayaxKarkat. Even that.

But the pairings are up to the readers, otherwise I won't put them in!

This is gonna be a looong story, so help me out guys!


Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie
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HSFS Apr 20, 2012  Hobbyist
WOOOHOOO! Wait what do you ship them as...? I ship them matesprite.
Akatsukicerberus Apr 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Who, Karkat and Kanaya? xD I have them down as Moirails, but, someone wanted some love in this so I think I owe it to the readers what goes on in this xD
HSFS Apr 20, 2012  Hobbyist
YESS They are my number one matesprite ship
wierd... but interesting : )
Akatsukicerberus Feb 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahaha, thanks ^^'
It is pretty weird, huh xD'
OnyxTheDemon Aug 5, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I like it! ANd I would love some KanayaxKarkat action. <3
Akatsukicerberus Aug 5, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Waitwaitwait... You would?!


No one actually comments on anything I write, so it's greatly appreciated! <3

KarkatxKanaya is it then. I shall add some in just for you! <3
OnyxTheDemon Aug 5, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Yesyesyes I would!! :D


I know exactly how you feel! I write too, and I get little commenting also. So when I saw that you had no comments, I decided to. :3 It makes people happy when you comment.

ohohohohoh and um, maybe some EridanxSollux? If at all possible. :)
Akatsukicerberus Aug 5, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
XDDDD Anything ;p

All pairings go as far as I'm concerned ;P

I'll do some ErixSol too!
OnyxTheDemon Aug 6, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
:iconpelvicthrustplz: yesssss.....:iconheplz:
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